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"As soon as I put a Cajun Rods® Savannah™ 844 series in my hand, I knew I had found "that rod." The performance balances light weight, sensitivity, and strength suberbly."

Travis Decker

I have been fishing tournaments since 2004 and for the last 7 years, I have been a co-angler on both the “TH Marine” and “BLF” Series. Through the years I have been able to attain some great success on the competitive circuit, such as the 2011 “Co-Angler of the Year” in the Piedmont division fishing the Northeast United States.

This year, due to my hard-work and dedication, I was finally able to make the jump from “Co-Angler” to “Boater” and after spending the money for a brand new “Bass Cat,” I’ve come to realize that my the gear I was using would only allow me to get so far. Unless I was able to use a product that could stand up to my expectations and the rigors of my fast “run and gun” style, my knowledge and the rest of my gear could only take me so far.

One of the keys to my success has always been a ¾ ounce spinnerbait, but over the last 5 years I have broken 3 rods by simply casting parallel down a bank which lead to some serious frustration. All of the rods I used were very expensive, “top of the line” products that could simply not handle my fast paced style, nor general fishing applications that they should handle with ease. The price tag’s always showed one thing, but the performance did not seem to match the number on the tag. As soon as I put a Cajun Rods® Savannah™ 844 series in my hand, I knew I had found “that rod.” The Savannah™ (SAV-844-1C) matches perfect with my “Rush Lures ¾ Adrenalin Rush Spinnerbait.” The performance balance between light weight, sensitivity, and pure strength of this rod is uncanny and honestly, nothing like I’ve ever fished before!