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I love the rod i need a sponsor lol

very durable rod accidentally slung it into a tree and it was perfectly fine also i ordered a spinning rod when i meant for a bait cast but its a very good saltwater rod i’ve caught a lot of fish on it i just felt bamboozled when i opened it and had to take my spinning reel off my other rod🤷🏽

It’s hard to find a budget friendly, one piece, light rod, but this is it !!! Great rod, great feel, well built, well balanced, and tough !!! I’ve had this rod for two weeks and have landed about eight bass with no issues. A must have in your rod arsenal. Perfect for matching up to your favorite BFS reel.

Haven’t had a chance to fish with it yet, but the quality and feel is amazing

Excellent company a real made in USA rod/Blank that's a rarity these days.
Awesome experience thank you god bless 🙏♥️

Nice looking equipment, can't wait to try it out.

Unmatched sensitivity.

This med light setup is perfect for throwing finesse lures. Paired with a light reel your sensitivity sky rockets. From the smallest nibble to the blade of sea grass. Now add the the short stock it's makes it perfect for kayaks and wade Fishing or of you have a gut like me you don't uavebto worry about hitting your self in the stomach. Great all around rod


Bought one rod, I use it fishing red fish, cat several in 20 to 25 pound size. I can cast further, more accurate with this rod. I broke the tip hitting the power pole while casting very hard. I ordered two replacement rods. I have many high quality rods but the 7-6 , 903 rod , I found that’s the only rod I need or want to use.

Great Backbone makes fishing pleasurable

I have purchased four of these rods for my BFS Shimano Curado and my spinning setups. This is a fantastic rod for light tackle fishing. Light tackle is the majority of my fishing and brings me the most pleasure. These rods make my fishing more pleasurable. The feel and light weight keeps me going for ten hours without fatigue. I recommend Cajun Rods to everyone I meet on the lake and on my social media.

It looks and feels great

Jess you were amazing, thank you!

We actually won this fishing rod at a kayak tournament " the Netti Kayak Challenge" a tournament we will continue fishing every year. So Kaydence Fowler is the 11 year old young lady who won the Lady's Division.
Long story short when she got the rod out after coming home she saw it was broke. Man, the look of heart break on her face was enough I was willing to pay for a new one if needed. So I contacted the company by email. Explained what was going on and asked what could be done.

So I get an email only asking to see how the rod was broken. I replied back and just like that Jess (the lady handling the issue) stepped up and made sure everything was taken care of. There were special labels on this rod that I didn't even show yall picks of. So I know she did her home work. The rod arrived faster than expected and honestly has been an experience that has made me decide my next rods will come from Cajun. I take pride in what I do and the tools I use to work. It is so refreshing to see such professionalism. I look forward to doing business with yall.

From the bottom of my heart thank you. Not only did you relieve me of some stress and heartache, but you also helped me show this little girl that great things come with hard work.

ultralite rd

awesome rod and made in usa

Valor, it’s in the name!

I have two of these and they are my favorite rods. The action is perfect for whatever type of fishing you are doing. I tight line. Midwater, bottom, and use a cork and the feel and action is perfect for any type of fishing. Can’t believe I never found out about this rod years ago!

Best Worm Rod

Great rod for power, and power finesse worm fishing for bass. In a spinning rod it’s a great action for light weightless baits all the way up to 1oz. Very sensitive tip, but plenty of backbone to pull fish out of cover, and get a good hook set with Texas rigged plastics. Also a good rod for bladed jigs, and as an all around do everything rod. Great for jerkbaits in 110 size but I would prefer the 842 savannah for them. I have had 100% hook up rate.


Great rod with incredible sensitivity!

The Perfect Jerkbait Rod

The Cajun Rods Revenant Elite 822 is by far the best Jerkbait and small topwater rod I have ever used! The rod has a stout tip section and a deep bending mid section. Those two actions combined make it perfect for aggressively ripping jerkbaits, subtly twitching poppers and everything in between.

Great rods!

These rods, I have 4 now are perfect for grub fishing. Love the craftsmanship and the easy, fast ordering process. Rods ship fast in a rod tube that can’t be damaged. Cajun rods are my go to rods!

Crankbait Rod

The Valor 903 has a soft tip and parabolic backbone… making it absolutely amazing for throwing 1/2 ounce lipless crankbaits, 1.0 - 2.5 size square bills, DT4 - DT10 and Wiggle Warts!

Finesse Rod

I use the Trigger 841 as my finesse rod! I’ve had zero issues fighting five pound bass and 10 pound carp on this rod! I use it for BFS lures, wacky rigs, drop shots, Neko rigs and finesse swimbaits!

Deep Cranking Rod

The Revenant 903 is my deep cranking rod! This rod handles everything from a 5XD to a 10XD perfectly!

Atled is Extraordinary

The Atled is hands-down, the most sensitive poll I have ever put in my hand. The other quality that comes in a close second is it ability to be flexible while still providing remarkable strength. My personal best on this rod is a 12 lbs. 10 oz. largemouth bass, and the remarkable part of the catch was that the bass took the bait completely under the boat, and had my rod in in a complete U. The Atled never gave an inch more than necessary. Again, this is my favorite Rod.

My Wish Came True!

I needed a good jerkbait/topwater rod. Less than a week after writing an email to Cajun Rods for a recommendation for a jerkbait, topwater, and lipless crankbait rod, this special Red White and Blue 842 Medium action Savannah appeared on the website, and I immediately ordered one. The rod has performed as advertised, and is perfectly designed. Casting distance is fantastic. So far I've had 100% hookup, and the action is exactly what you need to throw everything from 1/4oz rapalas and poppers, to big 110 jerkbaits and even squarebills and heavy lipless crankbaits. Very sensitive, but with the good feel to put smooth action into all these lures, and work treble hooks in rather than ripping them out as too stiff a rod will do. I was using a Revenant Elite 822, and it is a great rod, but this Savannah 842 is a lot lighter weight making it much more fun to work a jerkbait with, and the action is better tuned for the advertised task. In fact I liked this so much I ordered another, and will always have them in the boat. My wish came True! Thanks Cajun Rods

High quality

This is my third Cajun Rod that I purchased I am 100% satisfied with the quality & feel of this rod. The 7’ rod is great for speckled trout & redfish has great feel and fast response worth the money