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"...the Savannah™ the perfect rod, and the price for this quality cannot be beat; period."

Robert Shepherd

I was Born on the waters of South Louisiana, the place they call “Sportsmans Paradise.” At four months old, I was on the boat for the first time and have not looked back since. I spent several years as a deckhand on offshore charter boats and moved into fishing tournaments along the Louisiana coast. Based out of Cocodrie, LA, Speckled Trout and Redfish are my main targets, while also venturing out as far as Yellowfin Tuna and Blue Marlin. I have a passion for the outdoors as a whole, but fishing has and will always have a special place in my heart. Through my many years, I have not yet found a rod that is comparable in anyway to my Cajun Rods®.

I absolutely fell in love with my Savannah™ 783 Series while hammering Trout and Bull Reds. The rod was just perfect, and the price for this quality cannot be beat; period. I have not used a different brand since then, and I have no intentions of moving away from my Cajun Rods®.