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"“Cajun Custom Rods® – they’re custom-designed for us and our “East-Coast Style fishing techniques“ … one custom fishing rod at a time!”"

Liz Urban

While I have fished for years, I just recently entered the world of bass fishing. In 2012, I joined Battlefield Bass, a B.A.S.S. Federation Nation of Virginia Region 1 club home-based in Spotsylvania, Virginia. Our club home waters include the mighty Potomac River, Rappahannock River and Lake Anna. As a co-angler in the club, I have fished with a dynamic group of club members, who have taught me a lot about the sport in a short amount of time and I have truly enjoyed learning about every aspect of fishing from terminal tackle to breaking down bodies of water. We are gearing up for our next season of tournaments and I am ready to get back on the water with my Cajun Custom Rods®. Trust me when I tell you this simple fact: “Nothing, and I mean nothing, replaces Made in the USA or Engineered in the USA quality when it comes to a fishing rod … because if you want the confidence to fish truly spectacular equipment that you can feel that nibble, nudge, or inhale and the confidence to hook set like Babe Ruth and know you’ll not miss the fish because you’re fishing a disposable foreign fishing rod … then you’re gonna’ love your Cajun Custom Rods® – the best fishing rod in the USA … period!”