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"I purchased my Black Bayou™ 905-1C in January of 2018 and have been putting it through the ringer for the last five months. So far, this rod has been flawless!"

Kyle Brandstatt

I live in Rush Springs, OK and have been fishing Southern Oklahoma waters for over 20 years. My father is the one who introduced me to fishing and sparked the passion I now have for the sport. As a child, My dad would take me fishing every weekend from sun up to sun down. We would pond hop, wade creeks and fish local lakes; big or small, if there was water, we fished it. When I wasn’t on or in the water, I watched every fishing show and read every fishing related magazine to learn as much as I could about bass. My dream was to one day become a professional bass fisherman! As we age, life throws us curve balls and most people’s childhood dreams change. I am no exception to the story, but I still very much want to be involved with the fishing industry, and if the opportunity arises I would still love to compete with the top dogs on the tournament scene. I have recently started fishing local bass tournaments in April of 2018, and have found a deeper connection to the sport by the competition and comradery it brings. I also enjoy sharing my experiences, stories and knowledge of bass fishing through my social media outlets in hopes of helping other people put more fish in the boat. Bass fishing is much more than a hobby for me, it is a way of life. It is my way to connect with family, friends and nature.

What first attracted me to Cajun Rods was the fact that the rods are 100% American Made and the company is Veteran owned. Since my father is a retired 1st Sergeant in the United States Army, I take pride in knowing that I am supporting my country and the men and women who served to protected it when I buy Cajun Rods®.

The Cajun Rods® Black Bayou™ 905 series is an absolutely amazing jig rod! It’s got a tip soft enough to drag football jigs and Carolina Rigs without bending out the hook on a hookset, enough backbone to crack bass with a flipping jig or heavy Texas Rig, and the perfect amount of parabolic bend to keep bass from throwing the bait when they go airborne or tail walk! I’ve pulled six pound bass out of four feet of flooded brush straight into the boat with the Black Bayou™!