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Joe Stoddard

As with most, my Fishing Career began at a early age. It seems like only yesterday I was cutting willow limbs for a rod and catching Bluegills. Soon, I graduated on to Catfish then Largemouth Bass. Around the age of 15 I caught my first Snook and from that day on, I never looked back. Many battles took place in the mangroves around Tampa Bay some won, some lost, but the love of the chase has never left me. In the early 80’s I relocated to Tallahassee Fla and although I no longer chase Snook in mangroves, the Redfish in this area and huge wintertime Gator Trout help with ease my passion for Snook fishing. Now many years later I continue on passing on knowledge to clients as the chase continues. Being a Guide is a life long dream and one I’ve chased for many years. Each week I have the opportunity to share in someone’s of hopes of catching a Trophy. Every week the hunt continues, the chase, the stalk, The perfect cast, the battle, and the wonderful pictures of a Angler with those incredible smiles, they are simply pictures that will last a lifetime . Every now and then I stop and reflect on my life spent fishing, The accomplishments, the failures, the knowledge and friendship gained and lord knows at the money spent. I reflect on days blue sky and the others spent running from storms, the battles won and the ones that got away. Has it been worth all the countless hours spent chasing this dream? Absolutely every second of it!!!!!