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Colby Spears

I live in Rush Springs, Oklahoma and have grown up fishing the local lakes and ponds around the area for over 30 years. I am 37 years old, married to my beautiful wife Kendra of 4 years, and I have one Stepdaughter Makayla. I am a highschool teacher and Football Coach for 15 years and currently @ Lawton Macarthur. In the fall I coach football, but during the winter, spring, and summer I fish competitively with current pro staffer Kyle Brandstatt. My love for fishing came at an early age of 6 years old, thanks to my dad. My first memory of fishing is of him taking me and my brother to a local pond, where we had to walk up the back of a very steep dam, and once we got up it and looked out over the beautiful pond, I was already hooked. The pond was stocked with largemouth bass and we literally caught one every cast it seemed like. So at least to say I was hooked at an early age. I started fishing tournaments 4 years ago in local jackpots and different tournament trails in Oklahoma. Just this last year we ventured to Texas to compete in one of the largest Team Tournament trails going today. My biggest tournament achievement was placing 2nd in our championship last year on Possum Kingdom lake in Texas. I have grown up competing in some form of sports my whole life, and now Fishing is the way I get to scratch that itch of competition.

What first drew my attention to Cajun Rods was my tournament partner and fellow pro staffer Kyle Brandstatt. We were fishing together one day on a local lake and I just happened to pick up one of his rigs and begin to fish with it that day. The feel of the Atled 874 Heavy 7'3 was something special. I began to ask him about the rod, and He was a huge help in describing the different rods he had and why he chose Cajun Rods as the company he went with, and now I have 4 Cajun Rods in my box with a 5th one on the way.

My favorite Cajun Set up has to be the Savannah 844. It is just a really versatile rod. I am very big on pitching around a light texas rig, and this rod has been perfect for it. My PB on a Cajun Rod was a 7.48 Largemouth, caught using the Savannah 844.