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"“I am honored to be able to represent such a great company in Cajun Rods, not only is it Made in America but truly some of the best rods I have ever fished with. I didn’t know fishing rods could be this good until I used Cajun Rods.”"

Chris Cantu

Growing up in Corpus Christi, Texas. South Texas and the Gulf Coast was my playground and Fishing is at the top of the list. From going down to Big Shell and Little Shell with my brother and dad surf fishing at the 30-mile marker for Bull drum and pompano, Fishing with my grandpa is his boat in the Upper and Lower Laguna Madre for anything we could catch, to Now starting my own Kayak Fishing YouTube channel “Wolf’s Fishing”, where I fish around the area in search of that “Texas Slam” and the ever so elusive Gator Trout.


Through all my years I’ve used many rods and many different brands. Once I got serious into the fishing game, I tried out multiple higher end brands and found myself always wanting to pickup my Cajun Coastal rod. I Found myself switching lures on this rod just so I could keep using it, instead of changing to preset up rods. The Sensitivity of this rod is amazing, every little tap, bump, blade of grass is distinguished from that ever so wonderful thump. The Strength of this rod was proven to me once I hooked into a massive 45 plus inch “Big Ugly” Black Drum. The Cajun Coastal handled this monster with authority and grace to give me my best “PB” personal best overall fish.