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"I was super-impressed with the quality of the Cajun Rods® and was absolutely blown away at the feel and performance of the rods - they're sweet!"

Capt. Jay O’Brien

Captain Jay O’Brien was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama and has been fishing the waters around Mobile Bay, Dauphin Island and the near shore waters of the Gulf of Mexico his whole life.  Trophy Speckled Trout and Tripletail are his two favorite species to chase but he also loves catching Redfish, Flounder, Sheepshead, Cobia, Red Snapper and anything else that will put up a good fight.  Captain Jay O’Brien has won and placed in many fishing tournaments including winning and multiple placings in the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo (the world’s largest fishing rodeo as confirmed by Guinness Book of World Records).  He is also a two time winner of the Alabama Coastal Fisherman’s Association’s annual Big Fish Championship (a year long contest where anglers can accrue points over 9 categories).


When I first saw the Cajun Rods® at a boat show I was super-impressed with the quality.  I purchased a rod and ended up going fishing the next morning with it and was absolutely blown away at the feel and performance of the rod.  Catching fish is always fun but when you have quality gear to reel the fish in it just amplifies the experience.  I was so impressed with the rod I went back to the boat show that afternoon and purchased several more.  You also can’t beat Cajun Rods® customer support and service – bar none, the very best every time.