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"I've been lucky enough to to catch just about every species of fish in the Laguna Madre and Gulf of Mexico and can tell you from experience that Cajun Rods® are unbeatable!"

Capt. Braeden Thomas

The waters of the Texas Coastal Bend runs through my blood. Coming from a long line of fisherman and growing up on the waters of Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay, the passion of fishing was bread into me. My 1st memories of a child were laying on the bow of my grandfathers boat, working a spotlight at 4am while He’ s yelling, “Find that Bouy,” as we head to our fishing shack. The thrill of the unknown, the water, and the adventure they deliver is what has lured me down the path to becoming a professional fisherman. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the area while teaching and providing an adventure.


The versatility of feeling the power of a 42” red double your rod over while ripping drag off the spool, to knowing the difference between a grass bump and a flounder nibble. Cajun Rods® provide the strength, sensitivity, and affordability that every angler dreams of. Cajun Rods® fight the fish for you!