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"My Cajun Rods® will continue to fish the same after big fish abuse just like they were brand new. Trust me, mine have been put through the ringer. Best rods hands down!"

Brandon Dozar

I’m an avid saltwater angler from Prairieville, Louisiana. I specialize in kayak fishing targeting Redfish, Speckled trout, Flounder and many other inshore species. My favorite type of fishing is sight casting for Redfish as othing gets the adrenaline pumping more than one destroying your lure in shallow water.


While looking for a new rod I came across a Cajun Rods® Savannah Series™ casting rod. Once I picked it up, I knew it was the rod. There’s four things for me that stood out. First thing you notice is the weight of the rod. It is truly unbelievable how light these rods are! Second, is the sensitivity. After fathoming over the weight, tap the tip of the rod on the ground in the softest possible way and it will goose bumps from the sensitivity. Third thing is the backbone. These rods are NFL defensive tackles. It’s crazy how light and sensitive they are but have the backbone to put a bull red into submission. Fourth thing is 100% made in America!


Now how do they perform on the water? Well lets just say you have a rod that can throw and handle every lure beautiful and precise. A rod you can catch a soft biting speckled trout to a big angry redfish without having a specific “Trout or Red” rod. My rods have gone through the ringer and they still feel brand new. Plan and simple, best rods on the planet!