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"The weight, the balance, the tuning, and the materials used in my Cajun Rods® all come into play to provide a world class fishing rod that exceeds expectations!"

Brad Clark

At an early age fishing was a part of my life. I grew up initially fishing freshwater lakes in Michigan where I was born and I would typically target Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass along with Pike and Musky. I was fortunate enough to have a grandfather that was a very avid angler and happened to take fishing pretty seriously, so I was able to pick up some great things from him at an early age. I can attribute this to what ultimately got me hooked, and really started my passion for fishing. Flash forward several years and my family and I ended up in Florida where my passion turned into obsession….saltwater fishing was a big change, but a very welcomed change from the freshwater fishing I grew up with. I have been lucky enough to have lived in numerous areas now in Florida and experience multiple fisheries and what they have to offer. From Snook, Redfish, Trout, Flounder, Tarpon and all of the other inshore species that Florida offers! I have been fortunate enough to target them in Tampa, Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Jupiter, Jacksonville and many other great areas as well. Florida is truly a fisherman’s dream come true, as we have so much variety and such ease of access to the water ways to get out and target these fish. After a number of years fishing for recreation I started to have a peaked interest in kayak fishing and what it could offer as far as getting to spots where boats could not go and being able to have the element of surprise and target fish in skinny water. I started off with kayak fishing while living in Tampa and I quickly learned the ins and outs of what the capabilities of fishing from a kayak really were and how I could make myself more successful on the water targeting inshore species of fish. I now had a new, fun and exciting way to get on the water and find more fish…I was HOOKED on fishing from a kayak. The thrill and excitement of hooking into some big snook and redfish on a kayak while fishing in Tampa really opened my eyes to what I could achieve with paddle craft fishing. After a handful of years kayak fishing and now living in Jacksonville Florida I started to fine tune my craft more and more by learning more about tides, weather patterns, how fish stage themselves in certain areas at certain times of the year etc. etc. I did this until I had more confidence in myself and I felt comfortable to enter local kayak fishing tournaments where I have already found some success! I am very passionate about the sport of fishing and sharing that passion with others!