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"I had the ability to see the Cajun Rods® strength tested right in front of me and I was blown away! It is LIGHT WEIGHT, SENSITIVE, and STRONG!"

Theresa Walsh

I have been fishing for most of my life but started taking it seriously in my adult life. I grew up in New York state among the Great Lakes and Finger Lakes with amazing small/large mouth fisheries, but it wasn’t until I moved to Virginia that I really started fishing seriously. It started out as a way to relax after/during work but three years ago I turned my relaxation into a YouTube fishing channel by documenting my catches. I’ve now joined the B.A.S.S. and will begin fishing tournaments this year! I am really starting to learn even more about fishing beyond techniques but with tackle choices and understanding patterns. This is why I make sure that I surround myself with knowledgeable people that are willing to teach and provide great fishing information that will only help me excel. I am not a tall fisherman so the fact that Cajun Rods® has a 6 foot option really made my choice to go with them a no brainer! The Savannah series fishing rods are truly the best and with a tag line that is “Wicked strong, stupid sensitive, and priced perfect!” you know you are in for an amazing product. I had the ability to see this rod’s strength tested right in front of me and I was blown away! It is light weight, sensitive and STRONG! I know with a rod like that I won’t miss a bite and I will have the backbone needed in a rod to hook a fish well enough to not lose the fish or break the rod. Honestly, I am so excited to get on the water with my Cajun Rods® and really improve my fishing game. The mere fact that I will be using high quality, USA made, rods while fishing already gives me the confidence I need to be a force to be reckoned with out on the water!