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"Not only is the product high quality but the company impressed me as well!"

Kyle Hoffman

I grew up just outside of Buffalo, NY until the age of 18 when I left and moved to Winchester, VA. Currently, I am owner of two small family businesses and both in on and off seasons I enjoy spending time with my family, working on my businesses and being involved in church activities.


My grandpa used to take me fishing from the shore on a small lake in NY. Back then it was just laid back and relaxed fishing until I purchased my first Bass Boat in 1999, in an effort to spend more time with my son. Shortly after I met a man who asked me if I had ever fished a tournament. I hadn’t and so I decided to give it a try, I was hooked immediately (no pun intended)! Now its what I look forward to! I fish many of the BFL’s and Costa’s, as well as some partner tournaments on the Potomac River, which is my home water.


Having and using the right and quality equipment is everything. To me it all matters, the product, the company, the vision, the warranty, the communication, the availability of a representative, and the list goes on.


I have held and used many rods through the years. I heard about Cajun from a fellow competitor and once I ordered my first, and compared it to another high end rod that I was use to using, I was very impressed. Not only is the product high quality but the company impressed me as well. After talking with Steve and getting answers to all my detailed questions, I decided to pursue the possibility of partnership with Cajun Rods®. When I was notified of ProStaff acceptance, I was ecstatic to become a part of this great business. I look forward to working together and want to thank everyone at Cajun Rods® for partnering with me!