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"Once you fish a Cajun Rods® you'll understand why their Made in the USA light, sensitive, and reliable rods are exactly what you should be fishing!"

Justin Maddox

We’ll I’ve started out fishing like everyone, off the dock with Dad or Grandpa catching gills and the occasional bass. As I grew a I got more and more into fishing, learning the ways of bass I started to love it more and more. Growing up here on Egypt Lake in Florida has taught me a lot about fishing some days the fish seem to bite anything you throw at it while some days the fish won’t even bat an eye. Now I am up to fishing the flats of Tampa Bay, and with the help of Cajun Rods® light, sensitive and strong design in their USA-manufactured inshore and freshwater fishing rods … then the fish better watch out! I saw my first Cajun Rods® in 2016 – the Trigger in all its glory and said,”I need this rod.” Now that I have been fishing that same rod for the past years I can truly say that the Trigger can do anything you throw at it. You might have seen me once or twice on the water or even on youtube on Twickle it fishing were you can see these rods in action as I reel in the fish. Living in Tampa has all the greatest fishing from big bass in the lakes and ponds to silver kings at the Skyway and all the pelagic’s you could think of offshore in the gulf and I would love to catch them all on none other than a Cajun Rods®!