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"...Cajun Custom Rods® makes tournament fishing a lot easier when I know I have the very best rods in"

Jarrod Seaton

My name is Jarrod Seaton and I am 28 years old. I currently reside in Bray, a small town in Oklahoma that Is surrounded by some of the best fishing in the state. I fish various lakes thru Oklahoma and Texas and Missouri year rounds motto is not over till the ice is frozen I currently fish two Oklahoma tournament series and expanding to couple bigger Texas tournaments in 2019 for many years fishing has not just been a past time for me but a way to find my center and balance to my life. Give a man a fish he will eat for a day teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime. I have been fishing for as long as I can remember thanks to my grandpa. What started out as just bonding time with my grandpa, turned into something more. It turned into a dedicated obsession that has yet to slow down! I recently started fishing local bass tournaments where I met, current Cajun Rods® pro-staff member, Kyle Brandstatt. After using his Black Bayou™ 905-1C and Atled™ 874, I knew then that I wanted to be a representative for Cajun Rods®. Kyle and I have fished about every weekend together since August and a couple tournaments together boy do we make a team! We push each other to do our best, stay positive, remain focused and try techniques that are out of our comfort zones. I always try to progress in everything I do, and Cajun Rods® makes it a lot easier to do that when I know I have the very best rods in my boat!