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"The Cajun Rods® Savannah series is an absolutely amazing fishing rod!"

Hunter Dennis

My name is Hunter Dennis, and I’m from Michigan.  I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember and am very serious about my fishing and my equipment.  My two main species that I target are walleye and bass.

I am currently a student at Ferris State University where I am pursuing a B.S. in Welding Engineering. I play baseball for Ferris and will be fishing for the Bulldogs this summer as well. Coming along with me to all of these tournaments will be my Cajun Rods®.  Whether I’m pitching bass jigs under docks, or bouncing walleye jigs off the bottom of the Detroit River, I will be doing it with my Cajun Rods® for certain! These are the strongest, most sensitive rods I’ve ever gotten my hands on.  Not only are the rods great, but the guys behind the scenes are easy to work with. From a serious angler that wants the best equipment I can have, my Cajun Rods do the trick and I trust them!