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"While the eye-catching beauty of my Cajun Rods® is easy to see, its durability and strength make it my go-to. Ever since my first cast on my Cajun Rods®, I haven't picked up anything else!"

Darcy Jones

Raised in Dunnellon, Florida on the beautiful Rainbow River, I grew up fishing for Bass with my family and friends. As my friends and I grew up, we started venturing out towards the back country of Yankeetown and the deeper offshore waters of Crystal River. That’s when I knew I had an obsession with inshore and offshore fishing on the nature coast! Instead of spending my time and money shopping in malls, I was on the water constantly chasing that rush of adrenaline; catching monster Redfish and Grouper! That addiction is still as present today as it was when I caught my first Redfish. These days my husband and I spend almost all of our free time on the water together in Crystal River. There was however, one problem we had; we have a 25′ offshore boat and I wasn’t able to spend as much time inshore like I wanted to…talk about a problem right?! So I decided to save up money and bought myself a 17′ flatsboat to get back to the inshore game, my REAL passion. Since my new purchase I have been living my childhood and adult dream: Captaining my own boat, finding my own spots, and putting my family and friends on the fish! I look forward to seeing what these next few years have in store for me and my fishing obsession. Honestly guys, can life truly get any better? I have not found the answer myself!