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"Cajun Rods, if you want true quality look no further. You have found the diamond in the rough you have been looking for."

Colby Elsass

Growing up on the gulf coast, fishing is a huge part of our lives. We have some of the best fishing in the world right here in our own back yard, Crystal River FL. I love targeting large reds, snook , trout, and exploring the waters that we have. I was taught by my father at a young age how to properly fish, where the fish move and what to look for. The biggest lesson I learned was how to respect the land and the creatures, which you only take what you need and conserve for the future. I was on the water almost every second of the day when I wasn’t at school. Fishing for me was more than a hobby, it was something that I excelled at and achieve the goals I wanted to. I was able to relax being on the water and it always put my mind at ease. I love how even on a bad day of fishing you still end up having a great time. Most of my greatest memories are with friends out on the water even though I’m avid hunter, I still find my self-spending more time out on the water. I try to break my own personal records every time I go out, at times without fail. I didn’t really put my heart and soul into fishing in till I met one of my fishing partners James Floyd about 6 years now. That’s when we started fishing tournaments and practiced almost every day from sun up to sun down getting our skills to where they are at today. I strive for excellence in all I do in life one of which is my favorite sport, fishing. I learn from my mistakes and move forward. In my pursuit of becoming a pro fisherman, I meet a man named Paul Van Reenen from Unfair Lures. It was the first company to put faith in me and my fishing abilities and as my first sponsor and I couldn’t be happier to support a brand that truly is amazing. The owner Paul has became more of a family member and a mentor than a boss to me. He has pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. Paul also was the one that introduced me to Cajun Rods® and their amazing line up. Since that moment I knew that becoming a pro angler is more of a goal than a dream. I have fished with a Cajun Rod® ever since that day and has blown me away with every test I throw at it. It has helped me win numerous tournaments. One day I finally had the chance meet the brilliant man behind it all, Jaesen Yerger, at the Florida sportsman expo. That’s when I found out what an amazing company Cajun Rods® are. After going through the rods with Jaesen one on one and hearing what makes Cajun stand out from the rest they are without a doubt one of the best. I also knew this was a company I wanted to be part of and so began my journey with Cajun Rods®.

I’m very glad to be part of such an amazing company that not only makes amazing rods but that is American owned and operated. I can’t wait for what the future holds and the opportunity’s that I have been given to work for Cajun Rods®.