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"Team "Reel Habit Jigs" ONLY trusts our made in the good ole U.S.A. Cajun Rods®, they've got our 6 and they will have yours too!"

Chris Cockerham; Team Reel Habit

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to fish the backwaters of Northeast Florida for the past twenty five years. Every day brings new challenges and with that, my desire to learn new techniques each trip only grows. From shallow water Reds, deep dropping doormats or to watching stud Sheepshead take on the flats, there’s no better drug. I have always believed that you’re only as good as your equipment. To this day, you still can’t tell this hard-head any different. We grab the best line, pick out the fanciest lures, and seat the best reels that money can buy. Why do we skimp on the rods? Well that’s just it, we don’t! That’s right, we pick out the best and we give em hell. Cajun Rods® have taken a fish beating and kept on repeating and we have the pics to prove it. Whether we need the light hook set for gator Trout on our “Trout Tricks,” or the firm lip-rips for Reds from the Valor™, Team “Reel Habit Jigs” are always covered. So come on, they’ve got your 6. Cajun Rods®, made in the good ole U.S.A.